Monday, December 31, 2012


-----so the word got out that some of the homies wanted to head over to the sebastopol skatepark and barney out. the crew was me, hendo, kerry, the ruska, stu, bob, and ian. re ran into some other homies while we were there. overall it was a good shred day. the sun was out and everybody had fun. so anyways enjoy the pics. also i wanna thank kerry for letting me use some of his pics. the chronnies will be back online around the 11th. sorry no forty ounce friday next week. i am gunna get some dad life in before the kids go back to school....and please everyone stay safe get a ride and thanks for tuning in! happy new years!

-----hendo. filming for his full length weeak vid. be on the look out.(kerry pic)

-----this is mikey. the funny thing about this kid, is that he is the step son(sorta) of one of my wifes friends. this pretty much shows how old i am....anyways this kid rips! pretty sure you will see footy of him on here one of these days.

-----the ruska. bringing back that 90's flair witha nose slide tail grab.

-----ruska. tailskidder. (kerry pic)

-----bob. early grab slob, low to high 50-50. (kerry pic)

-----bob. not a make. i just like the fact that he tried a 3 flip to fakie. i sometimes forget this dude can flip his board.

-----jose. fakie noseblunt

-----holland. 5-0 to 180 out.

-----ian. ollie up to 50-50

-----ian. bonless. (kerry pic)

-----stu. no comply tailslide. (kerry pic)

-----kerry. sun block.

-----kerry, pretty much closed down the day with his 40 year old behind, on this crailer. this was the make and all the skate dads went crazy!

-----later skaters

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