Wednesday, September 26, 2012


-----so my buddy jakkerz, got a mini ramp at his new digs. it was in an old garage in windsor. it was also in this garage..... well, needles to say it got parted out and is now in jakkerz possession. i just found out he is gunna start a janky vidz series on it. so keep you eyes peeled. the first one is done. head over to the the oulk site to check them out.

 -----get shreddy or get out!
-----owner, operater. jakkerz got some of that 80's style up in here
-----billy gabe sergio ricky martin zavalla grinding.
-----u.g. back tail slide
-----one eye willie. blunt attempt
-----drew, mandatory product placement.
-----chalker, sweeping the deck
-----adam crew, keep on truckin' p.s. head over to the toebock site and keep up on the latest.
-----brown steve to fakie
-----bob, getting lippy
-----ian, blunt fakes
-----ian and nacho, doubles
-----there is no room on the deck. shits getting tight.
----- robbie, munzy and j-rad......see you next time!

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