Saturday, July 21, 2012


------we got a late start on the day, so we figured we might skate something around the rosa area. then all of a sudden we all said, "fuck it!" and headed out to benicia. so sergio, jakkerz, bobby, me and stu hopped in the car and took off. i gotta say this park is fun. kinda on the wierd side. but, none the less. we just found ourselves skating the bank to block. so what are you waiting for. its not to late. get out and skate!

-----gabe aka sergio, showing you proper surf styles on the block

-----myself.(chalker)figured i would do a 180 nosegrind instead of my usual q.p. stuff.

-----bob, doing his thing.

-----jakkerz, gets on some simulated street obstacle.

----stu. block party

-----the only way to beat the heat.

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