Sunday, June 10, 2012


-----i remember when this contest took place. it was the summer of 1995. at the time i was living in ukiah. i was heading on a plane to pennsylvania to work as a camp counselor for 3 months. that same weekend this contest was going off. i was so bummed. i knew not only was i gunna see the local rosa rippers, but top notch guys i have seen in the mags. oh well, at least i was bringing my skateboard out there with me.....anyways about the last couple of weeks of camp, one of the campers brought this issue for me to check out. i was so stoked. those last couple of weeks in the mountains seemed to drag on. everyday i was dreaming of getting to ride the park, knowing that the lines and possibilities were endless. once the plane landed, it was the greatest feeling. over the summer i had set up a place to stay in rosa and that's how my transplant from ukiah to santa rosa began.

-----video action


Ratings said...

fucking awesome. was this the contest where that dude sam skated naked?

chalker said...

sam's naked run was a few years later.

Ratings said...