Sunday, September 4, 2011


-----i guess this weekend is the maloof cup in d.c.......with that said. i enjoy these contests. cuz they make shit, that skaters wanna skate. it kinda reminds me of when we skated in the 80's and skaters built cool stuff on the bummer budget. anyways just watch the video below. its called savannah slamma. it has all the pros of the 80's. you may recognize alot of these names.....back then they were just skaters. now they are company owners, burnouts, and legends. grab some coffee, or if it is time for a coldie grab one of those. cuz when this is over you are gonna wanna built some shit and skate.

-----into. course build...standard stuff.

-----prelims' and places 8-6

-----places 5 to 1

-----ending credits/beef a roni montage

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