Sunday, April 27, 2008

DON'T DRINK THE WATER................

so i just got off the phone with brian when this little memory kicked in. once in a blue moon brian will get me with........... you remember that time in willits. so i here is the sketchiness. back when scarykid skateboards was rollin. it was brian henderson, ryan zapaltas, danny rameriez and me isaac kenyon aka: chalker. we had a demo to do up north in willits. so ryan and danny had stuff to do. so that left me and brian to do the demo. it was cool, me and brian skated good and we got some people stoked on the brand. it was time to bail out, so we decided to hit up safeway for some dinner. brain got the usual, hummus and bread. and i got a sandwich and a tall can. no biggie "right"? so a car pulls up next to us and the guy says " i don't like the way you guys look", "i got a gun and i am gonna shoot you both"! so me and brian look at each other like "what the fuck" so about this time me and brian are givin him, the "whats your malfunction, and whats the deal". and we seemed to get no where he was still hell bent on shooting us both. even though we never saw a weapon. although i should give you a little preface to this story on the way up to willits. i was tellin brian about a guy that murdered his dad with a ax weeks before, and he thought the whole scene up there was really sketchy, and the water had somethin to do with it. any way back to the was about 20 minutes of this guy threating me and brians life. and i had enough of it. he was fucking up me and brian's dinner. so i ended up snapping either i was gonna get in a brawl or get shot. so i put down my tall and my sandwich. told this dude i don't give a fuck anymore. shoot me. i am married witha kid to support. my life is all ready over so you will be doin me a favor. lets fuckin do this.....get out of your car. and then it got kind of wierd . i really don't know how to describe it after that. the guy was dumbfounded. i really don't think he was ready for that. and after a few more words he offered to buy me and brian a beer for our troubles. we said "we were good" and he bailed out. brian looked at me and vowed never to drink the water from willits ever.

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