Tuesday, February 6, 2018


-----well after a long hiatus, its time to bring back the dad cams and get the ol' blog moving again. instagram can never really capture the full feel of all the scumbags. so this time around we piled into the wormburban aka ian's suburban. the plan was simple. go to the fairfield park and goof off for the day. the crew was ian, sergio, stu, ben, moe, and myself. we met up with josh and sinath. it was warm, beers were flowing and good times were had. we even got a late night napa sesh in too... where we ran into taco bill and phil. so, yeah. enjoy pics and the video. more dad cam styles to follow once my ankle gets better.

-----pile them in.


-----bsc, back seat crew. ben and moe.

-----ian. the designated dummy.

-----sergio, swiping right.

-----undercover brother.

-----hole e moe lee

-----whine country

-----click the pic and take a peek.

-----fairfield park.

-----skatepark graffiti is the best.

-----jus' chillin

-----burger ledge.

-----fresh sinath

-----hesh sinath

-----josh with lens styles.

-----bout time to pack it in.

-----wait one last run for that p.o.v. cam. aka punkers own view.

-----hit napa on the way home for one last sesh. taco bill and poppy was there.

-----shit, i guess its time for party mode.

-----that means it time to switch the camera to party mode too.

-----sinath. party mode

-----phil. party mode

-----moe, got the clips.

-----later dudes.

-----video mode.

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