Monday, November 2, 2015


-----well another halloween is here. that means another oulk jam at rosa park. i wish i could have stayed longer and got some more footy and pics. but, dad life was a callin' so, i put up what i got and grabbed some pics from the homie phil philms for a more overall viewing.......oh yeah, the vx diddnt glitch out but, the ring around the lens was fully visible. still working out the kinks. enjoy the video.

-----nard shark.

-----beetle juicin'

-----al and peg.

-----tone-loc. straight outta locash.

-----randy aka superman.

-----sovann as the joker.

-----billy idol and the hammerman.

-----eddie and brit, ahh, real monsters

-----the juice tiger and his lady friend.

-----all these pics were taken by phil philms. you should check out his other pics. click here and head over.

-----still learning the vx footy.

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