Monday, August 10, 2015


-----oh, my where to start. all i know is a group text started up. hendo wanted to skate fort miley and it had been around 20 years since i skated it last. its only an hour from my house yet i never just went to hit it up. not sure why, and i am second guessing myself as i type this. the last time i hit it wheels where 39mm, i pushed mongo and my tee shirt was a double xl. what the fuck., hendo and stu loaded up and headed out. we meet our buddy ian and just goofed off for a while. if you haven't been then i suggest you go. if you have already been there i suggest you go back. fort miley is a historical part of skateboarding. it might not look like much, but its a huge part of what we do. if you wanna see some more radness of miley over the years. click this link and head over to the chromeball incident. i am sure one of your faves is in here.

-----pack em' up

-----ian. bar slappin.

-----dropppin' in.

-----hendo, even got a little slice.

-----mummyfart/40 oz friday collab.

-----it was a good time.

*********these are 2 covers every skater should know about fort miley.

-----phil shao.

-----tommy g.