Thursday, August 27, 2015


-----so, a few weeks back dirty 30 alum dave dippe gave me some old 35mm prints. i was pretty stoked to see so many old/young faces that i have skated with over the years. you might not recognize some faces but check the names. they have been on here before. enjoy the time machine from around 2001 my dudes and thanks dave for the pics.

-----william tobler aka one-eye-willie, danny moen, and uriah green aka UG. police blotter.

-----ephram gifford and mike rusczyk.

-----danny rameriez. crooked.

-----orion mussleman. aka o-ru. front lipper. jon lohne aka lohnestar filming.

-----ryan fulton. frontside 5-0.

-----fulton. gap ollie.

-----kevin belew aka nacho. backtails.

-----the ruska.

-----matt kehoe aka killa-hoe aka the mayor frontside flipping on hitchers ramp.

-----jesse palmer aka juice tiger smashing a radio.

-----looks like i am driving the bus.

-----in the bus. tony t, eric sweet and jimmy sole-wax.

-----punker girl, trujillo and myself.

-----jeff henderson. brian henderson, and ryan fulton.

-----hendo, chalker.

-----i didn't wanna add this pic. its pretty cheesy. but its on real film.

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