Saturday, October 18, 2014


-----so the idea of heading to the benicia park was in swing. car #1 was me, nards, stu, o-ru and pierre. then tone' showed up, followed by zeke, moe, jakkerz, and o.g. teto. it was hot as fuck that day. we had a party atmosphere and dudes shredded. that's why i wanted to morris day and the time to edit with, and no buddy better talk shit about morris day and the time......kinda bummed that you tube has no features of the purple rain version. so enjoy the video and grab a coldie, cuz its party time. before i forget, a special thanks to the popeyes chicken parking lot for tall can's and good eats. the best after sesh spot in the v-town.

-----nards. spread eagle grind.

-----o ru. he grew up skateoarding in the 80s. so that's why this pic looks 80s.

-----stu. popping both tops.

-----pierre. mid 360.

-----out of focus, upside down.


-----party mode.

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