Monday, July 28, 2014


-----today is my brother vic chalker's birthday. i could not think of a better time to share these pics that my buddy hendo took. these pics are from a filming mission to santa cruz fom 2008. holy fuck. man time flies when your getting old. anyways one quick story about my brother on this night. some dudes had the door to his place open and tried to push through the living room and ollie the deck and the stairs. everyone kept eating shit. until my brother grabbed someones board, with a beer in one hand and a smoke in the other. then proceeded to ollie the whole thing before anyone else. thats what i love about that dude. he will show up, out skate you, out drink you and out party you. make be its cuz he was raised in the uk town. but none the less. raise one for my little bother. happy birthday you old bastard.

-----as bon scott would say, a touch too much.

-----the only skate photo hendo sent me. vic chalker getting some more drunk than the rest.

-----bubba and the mystery girl on vic's stingray.

----uh, oh!

-----zeke, dookie trousers, ian, niko and jasper in the mix.

-----this is when vic gets into party mode. pants off, flask off.

-----orion has met his match.

-----jasper and ian getting a fistful.

-----its not a party till vic pulls out his wang.

-----this may have been from the same night. bonus vic chalker garage styles.

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