Saturday, May 24, 2014


-----so i got a call about checking out a school yard in graton, aka west county. i guess they wanted to get some clips for the new brotherhood video. so me and the ruska met up with, or-u, lohnestar, zeke and mike. not to forget baby boots. so we warmed up at sebastopol skatepark and headed out. i didnt get to much, cuz like i said they are working on a video and i didn't want to poach some cool shit with my shitty styles....oh yeah go 2 posts down to see more of this sesh from lohnestars iphone.

-----the ruska. frontal boarding.

------chronnie insta clip

-----lohne star kick-flip.

-----chronnie insta clip

-----baby boots. carcass toss.

-----zeke. ledge skidding.

----- school yard. ruska mini table.

-----the end of the sesh or-u goes for the hand rail. not a make, but pretty fucking inspirational for a 40 year old man to be hopping on this shit.

-----warm uppers.

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