Sunday, February 2, 2014


-----well the plan was to get the young bucks in the van for some clips. needless to say they got partied out. so with a couple calls this was the crew that was assembled. so with little time on the plate, we hit this spot off the 101 and had some fun.(and got some clips for the next project). so long story short. we got to skate and burn some calories......oh, yea. i wanna thank the ruska for the pics, and willie and marlon for taking over the chronnie cam for a couple of pics. enjoy everyone.

-----the destination.

-----u.g. feeble.

-----the ruska. pivot thing to fakie.

----- pop shuv to fakie.

-----baby boots. foot plant to fakie.

-----lohne star. nose blunt.

-----marlon. front rock.

-----one eye willie. rock and roll.

-----chalker. blunt fakes.

-----lil' schulie. flip to fakie.

-----u.g. backside ollie or 50-50?

-----drop in grind warm up.

-----lohnestar. hubba styles.(ruska pics)

-----angel. switch front heel.

-----baby boots. big spins.

-----u.g. back 180.

-----so me and willie had to ollie this little double set. even though its not all that big. when you are 40 its still a hammer.(ruska pic)

-----one eye willie, clears it.(ruska pic)

-----chronnie cam.

-----according to one of the laws of gravity. a object in motion will stay in motion, until it is forced to stop. luckily the tree's stopped willie before he went into the creek.

-----reverse gravity.

-----video sandwich.

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