Sunday, January 5, 2014


-----well, i know i have been lagging and this was supposed to premiere with something else. so know it is up for your sunday morning viewing. i might have said it before. i am not a filmer or a photographer. just a dude that like skateboarding. this is the last video i filmed with the original dad-cam. it kinda saddened me to shelf it for the trv. but, it had filmed many adventures and it's now time for new ones. i also added buttons to the left of the screen. so, now everyone can re-live all the dirty 30's adventures in their entirety's. i added the videos that everyone else filmed to. thanks, to all the homies and everyone that checks it out. just remember you are never to old to hop back on the board and create cool shit with your friends.

******before i forget there will be one more version of this video filmed on lohne stars h.d. camera. as soon as it is edited. i will let you now.

-----great times. great oldies.

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