Saturday, May 18, 2013


------chronnie correspondent "taco" bill wallis, sent me some pics from his little adventure to venice beach. it looks like he ran into 80's skate legend, jesse martinez. also his old homie, chris swanson. so grab a couple of cold ones and enjoy the pics and all the links. there is some good skateboarding in here. thanks again to the homie bill, for all the pics.

-----a little lunch with the legendary, jesse "the mess" martinez.

-----a little pool snarfin'

-----the new venice beach park.

-----bill and eric "tuma" britton

-----venice beach local. with some b.g.p's by jose barajas

-----bill and chris swanson.(note pee bag) bill told me he sacked a rail.

-----for bills collection

-----not a bad ender. mike watt and the second men.

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