Sunday, March 24, 2013


-----so today at the santa rosa skatepark we all gathered in memory to our fallen brother joe hyland. he is still on our hearts and minds everyday. it was a good day over all, even though the santa rosa police department tried to rain on our parade. we still kept it going......... see you on the other side joe.

-----the early birds.

-----ian and johnny double 360's.

-----walter tom blair. takes a break from the surf and his studies to whip out this miller flip.

-----joey d. aka buttafukko coming in hot with a old palamino street stalefish.

-----drew. backsider.

-----bob. early grab 360 slob

-----i can count on one hand how many bmxicans i would take a pic of. garrett is one of them.


-----the man is creepin behind anthony and justin.

-----never forget joe hyland

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