Friday, March 8, 2013


-----so last friday we celebrated my 40th birthday. of course it was 40 ounce friday style. these are some of the pics i took. the rest of them i am gunna save for later use.i gotta say i milked the shit outta turning 40. it seems like it took a whole week of celebration. thanks to all my friends that came out and made a old man feel young again. and a very special thanks to my wife for all the cooking. love ya babe....o yeah,i don't know who took the pic of me at the top with my own camera with tone loc' chillin. must of been a good night cuz i dont know who took the pic.

-----nacho and mexi matt.....aye!

------40 ounce friday female bonding time.

-----robbie and adam. #justanotherblackout.

-----my wife put up some old pics. kevin, robbie and adam scope the collage.

-----apparently, the ruska has all the pics.

------mig's and his lady.

-----thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.

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