Wednesday, February 13, 2013


-----well,.... tax time is upon us for the working class. luckily for me my mom does them. i just gotta keep all my shit in order, then cruise it up to the ukiah town. i had a few extra seats in my car. so drew(still kinda on the disabled list), captain "stu" and marlon decided to go for a little ride to my hometown. i swear the ukiah park is one of my favorites. cant believe we tried to get a park there when i was 15. then when i hit 39. bam. awesome park. total " what the fuck"...anyways peep the little video. ukiah loc, sean gott kills it with a couple of tricks......ahhh shit, before i forget marlon learned tuck knees! i was pumped. cuz, it forced this old dog to go out and re-learn them too.

-----marlon. first time tuck-knee.

-----stu. going upstream.

-----drew. contemplation.

-----read my lips. no, new taxes!

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