Saturday, November 17, 2012


-----last week my buddy jesse aka the juice tiger,turned 30. he has been a metal head for quite sometime. if you remember a while back i did a chronnie on his band. even got a little video clip as well anyways i text tone' him and his lady were coming up. so we drank some 40's at the h.q. then took off. happy 30th birthday jesse. i have been skateboarding with this guy since he was a kid. its cool to see him as an adult killing it. oh yeah, i woke up the next morning on the couch in the h.q. aka my garage. according to sources, i was shitfaced. thanks for the memories guys.

-----palamino street reunion. t-bird, juice tiger, buttafukko,chalker.

-----remember that one time i kickflipped stalefished over the maiden hip?

-----justin bouchard even showed up

-----blowing the roof off!


-----this was probably the last time i was coherent.

-----happy birthday bud.

-----here is a song by jess's band "trial by combat" in a video part by you know who.

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