Sunday, September 9, 2012


-----people keep asking me how i have been doing since my surgery. it has been a year now and i feel the same as i did before it all happened. i guess the main reason i am putting up these pics is for awareness to my fellow older skaters. i mean we know our bodies better than most doctors. we can usually tell when something aint right. well little did i know, i had a tumor brewing in my lung for over 5 years. it all started when i got pneumonia 6 years ago. i never had it before so i thought it was a fluke thing. well like clockwork every nov/dec i would get it. till, one day last summer when i started coughing up blood. freaked out, i went to the hospital. over the years that little tumor grew and was blocking my lung from self cleaning the pneumonia out and pressing on a artery. long story short, a week in the hospitial, 2 major surgeries, and they cut off half of my lung to get rid of the tumor......where am i going with this? if your body doesn't feel right don't hesitate to get it checked out. cuz if i would have ignored this. i don't know what the outcome would be........and for the record. i don't smoke. crazy, huh?

------soups up.

-----a week in bed and i can walk. wheres my board for them ledges.

-----powner took this pic on my arrival back home.

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