Sunday, July 15, 2012


-----hendo had the idea of getting some night footy for the weeak vids video. so petaluma resident austin "spunk" told us he had a few spots. gang in tow we headed into the night. brian hendo, casey, U.G., gabe "sergio" zavalla, one eye willie, stu and myself piled into the van. all i can tell you is that trying to take pictures witha point and shoot at night is hard. so you get what you get. also on that note i forgot how hard it is to skate at night, especially when you cant see that well. but, we survived and i can say that i stayed up past 10. damn, i am old

-----austin, kickflip into the bank

-----the roll away

-----casey, some flippity type thing

-----austin, ollie over the rail to 50-50 the box attempt. it totally would have went down, till the guy across the street went all buck on us. and threatened to call the cops.

-----why go to the bar, when the bar can come to you

-----hendo captures U.G. in the middle of some no comply wall jammer

-----boneless to fronside wall ride

-----stu, comin down off a frontside wall ride.

-----billy gabe sergio zavalla challenged one eye willie to a fakie flip off

-----willie, not to be out done follows suit.

-----casey, fakie wall jammer

------bed time

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Anonymous said...

Willie challenged me and I ate shit!