Monday, June 4, 2012


-----look what i found in a box. talk about memory lane.i will never forget the day i found out there was a skatepark in santa rosa. i was in my 63' baja with my friend gomer. we had our boards and were cruising back for the mall. i some how got on to fulton road. as i was heading north i saw all these kids on boards riding in these bowls. holy shit! i thought. so we flipped around and skated the rest of the day away. you gotta remeber back in 94' there were only a handful of skaters in ukiah. so i don't think anyone of us even knew. after that we tried to make it down as much as we could. after a while i knew i had to move here. it would prove to be my training ground on how to skate transitions and make the best friends a guy could ask for. oh yea lets not forget about my future wife. so i figured i would chuck up a couple of old pics i found from my mongo-push days. also feel free to laugh at my hair. dyed black cuz thats what punkers from ukiah do.

-----hip ollie

-----tre' bomb. make? probably not....for the record thats a creature barker barrett from the first go round. wish i had that board on the wall in the h.q.

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