Tuesday, May 1, 2012


-----i have been lagging on putting up van life stuff. this one is from a couple of weeks ago. long story short we had a tight timeline. so lohne star got some clips for the brotherhood video and hendo got some for the the new weeakvid. needless to say some clips got logged and some beers got drank. you should check this place out. it is a abandoned naval base with lots of possibilities. i would have made a little video, but i know jon and brian were trying to do their things.

-----started off the trip proper with a dead battery.

-----this thing

-----skate spot?

-----austin. thru the broken glass

-----billy gabe. trying not to get cut

-----hendo. artsy moment

-----sole wax getting into some tre flip to manual type thingy

-----austin. crook fakes. but i caught the pic like a noseslide

-----going for the top rope

-----off the top rope

-----some how after austin jumped off this thing i did as well. photo by lohne star.

-----my foot the next day

-----billy gabe sergio zavalla

-----we only had about 10 mins to skate this spot.

-----sole wax and hendo, doubles

-----oru, wall ride

-----back seat brew crew

-----chronnie instagram

-----words of wisdom with sole wax

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