Thursday, April 19, 2012


-----so was i was looking thru some old pics when i came across a couple of me and bill and wee man aka jason acuna. these were takin right before the whole jackass shit blew up. at the time me and wee man rode for this clothing company called 1984. it was super sick. good clothing for a bunch of scummy as skaters. i was lucky enough to ride for the team and bill was the the man to make it happen. well long story short 1984 was under the von dutch umbrella and broke free. after a name change and some weird "fresh type" shit hitting the industry. it just faded away. to ahead of its time i guess. cuz we all know that shit would be outta hand today....before i get nostalgic, look it up on the web. maybe you can find it. or maybe i can dig it out of a box.

-----taco bill and wee man

-----chalker and wee man


-----skate library

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