Thursday, August 4, 2011


-----in the 80's we didn't have youtube to go and watch skatevideo's. hell up until about 8 years ago i was still watching shit on a vcr. you also gotta remember there wern't a ton of skateboard video's readily available to us. if one of your friends had a tape you would watch the shit outta it before you went to skate. so imagine how hyped you got when a commercial for a movie about skateboarding came on the tv. skateboarding was not a commodity like it is, trust me, you were hyped. so i got kinda nostalgic when i came across this. i still have a copy on vhs, i picked up at the flea market many years ago. so if you never heard of this, have another dose of skateboard history. if you got netflix grab a forty and get on it....shit, i may have a thrashin party at the h.q. once this lung bullshit is all over.

-----this i what i got to see in the 80's


-----mexi matt version.

-----what do you thrash?

-----before itunes.

-----cory webster signature shoe

-----i bet you didn't know that the red hot chili peppers were a o.g. skate rock band.

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