Sunday, April 17, 2011


-----so today i wanted to go skate. so i grab my board and head to the park. it was filled witha bunch of kids on bikes. i took a couple of laps and was over it. i still wanted to roll though. so i grabbed my cruiser board and went downtown to a spot where a bunch of local artists had their stuff for sale. i trucked around a bit and ran into julia of sloth skatebords. i have seen alot of shit over the years. julia has some serious, cool shit. i saw hand made rings from old boards, necklaces, and even a pair of sandals. fukken genius. it is this kind of shit that makes skateboarding cooler than everything else. so if you want some skater owned stuff. hollar at her. shit is cool as fuck. oh yeah she makes boards too.
-----top of sandal.


-----feed the sloth

----saw this as i peeled out,... so sick. turned the ipod to the head cat. jumped on the cruiser board, ollied some man holes and had a good time back to the h.q.

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