Thursday, September 2, 2010


so the other night my buddy jeff blessed the town of santa rosa with a exclusive viewing of the new emerica shoe video "stay gold". the good folks down at brotherhood board shop provided the screen and a projector. and the next thing you know we are watching the vid before it hits the streets. i must say i was more hyped on seeing the attendance of local rosa ripper. it was like a who's ,who's of the dudes that put this town on the map for skateboarding

-------- p.s. leo's part was my favorite. dude has mad style. don't get me wrong everyone had sick parts. but grinding up a hand rail. who does that?

-----jeff henderson was there. all though some call him this. his real nick name is this.

-----gaberman and miner

-----charlie watts.

-----the one and only jesse kent

-----the posse, holland and wells


-----P.G. and noah

-----look who decided to show. ol' dookie trousers. aka evan tauzer

-----quick grab yer, bevvy and lets find a spot to sit.

-----shit, there is no room

-----hurry up ian, shit is sartin

-----here we go.

------if this doesn't make you get off yer ass.... your dead

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